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Make Your Own Web Site – Make Your Own Websites

Building a website nowadays is not difficult at all. Everyone can do it. You can build a website even if you don’t know any HTML. Just use the easy website builders and ready made templates most web hosting companies offer.

Before You Build A Website

1. Keyword Research

Do some keywords research first. This is only for you, if you need your website to make some money for you later on.

You need to research the keywords for each page you will write before you start building. How many people are looking for this keyword every month? How many people already have websites on that keyword?

If there are many websites on that keyword already, and not that many people looking for that keyword, it is not worth making a page on it. Choose a better keyword, with better numbers.

You can do keyword research at for example Wordtracker. Or if you use the same web hosting company that I use for my websites, they will help you do all the keyword research, included in the monthly web hosting fee.

2. Plan Your Website

After you have done your keyword research, you will know which keywords you want your website to be found for. Those keywords will become headlines for your website’s pages.

So now when you have all your keywords, you can plan your website. Think about the different pages your website will have. What will you write on them? How will they connect to each other? Which ones should be in the navigation menu and which ones should be sub-pages to the the navigation menu pages?

3. Get the Best Web Hosting

Do you want your website to be found by the search engines?

If you do, it would be best to get the web hosting company that I use, SiteSell.

If you will be advertising your website yourself and don’t need for it to get into Google so fast, or if you are building a personal website, then any good quality web hosting company will do.

But you will always need web hosting. All people who build websites do.

Here Are Some Places You Can Build Your Website At

SiteSell – with SiteSell you will learn all about building a website that is successful and loved by internet users interested in the topic of your website. You will also learn how to make money with your website. Website building is easy when you have all the help SiteSell is able to give you.

You can for example create a business web site with SiteSell, get the keywords right with their help, and after a while you will have lots of new customers or leads – every day.

Or create your own information site about something you are interested in… more about that soon.

Price: SiteSell costs $29.99/month. You might think this is a lot for web hosting – but SiteSell offers so much more than only web hosting, for example easy SEO and marketing tools – and everything is included in the price.

To get to know more about what SiteSell offers and the tools they have, go here: Best Hosting Solution Web

HostGator offers good traditional and affordable web hosting and they are eco-friendly too. This option is good if you don’t think you will need to market your website a lot at all (so you won’t need the marketing software SiteSell has).

Price: The price of their cheapest web hosting package starts at $3.96 per month, depending on which payment plan you choose.

Make Your Own Business Website

So you would like to build a business website?

When you build a business website you need to think about a few things. Will you be selling anything online? Will your website be pulling in leads for you? Or will it just be a place online where you can present your business? There are ways to build all different kinds of business websites that get your most wanted response.

Read more about what to think about when building a business website and about how and where to build one, by clicking above – coming soon.

Make Your Own Personal Website – Make Your Own Website Free

How to make your own free website?

If you want to make your own website free you are probably planning to make your own personal website. Then maybe you don’t feel like paying for web hosting, which is understandable.

You can build a free web site with many hosts, but if you want my recommendation I would say go with the web site host AwardSpace. They make the building process easy for those who don’t know much about website building. And for those who know more there is a control panel very similar to cPanel and unrestricted PHP support and MySQL support. They also don’t put any of their own ads on your site.

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